About Me

Bio pictureRealms & Lore launched in 2016 as a community for role-playing game lovers.

Realms & Lore is all about enhancing your role-playing game with unique content for characters, locations and artifacts. I love creating new characters, cities and lore that can feature as inspiration for your own game setting or characters. My hope is that you add them to your current campaign or take away elements that will enhance your gaming.

Realms is home to post on fantastic locations, settlements, guilds, factions and empires. Lore contains articles on the characters, artifacts, adventures and beasts that can inhabit your realms.

I am a long-time rpg geek, player and game master with a love for Dungeons & Dragons, BattleTech, Traveller and Call of Cthulhu. Seattle is a confluence of gaming culture and the perfect muse for my life long obsession with tabletop gaming.

So, relax and enjoy yourself! Maybe you’ll find the inspiration for your next hero or perhaps a villain destined to shake the very foundations of the multi-verse. Enjoy a tale of a far off realm and mysterious cultures. Or, grab one of the settlements and drop it into your game world. I’m sure their is a tavern just brimming with opportunities for adventure.